Fun & Exhaustion in Mexico City

I've been wanting to go to Mexico City since I was in college.  The size and scale of the city have always fascinated me so when planning our route through Mexico I knew we'd need to stay a few days here.  According to this Wikipedia article the metropolitan area of Mexico City has about 20 million people (which is 10% more than New York City). 

Thanks to frequent business travel over the years I had saved up enough Marriott Rewards loyalty point to earn us a free stay at Mexico City's JW Marriott.  It was a sweet hotel.  The room had plenty of space for the kids to wrestle.

Elle and Tag wrestle in the hotel room

The pool was a big hit with the family.

Swimming at the MExico City JW Marriott

And we got access to the Concierge Lounge which provided us with free breakfast and dinner during our stay.

Mexico City JW Marriott Concierge Lounge View

There were several big public parks in the immediate area and we had to check them out.  The first one we hit was full of paddle boats.  Mick and I had fun but the kids quickly got pooped out.  It was hot.  One thing we could not get over was how everyone (kids and adults) actually wore their life jackets.  

Paddle Boats in Mexico City

Next up was the Chapultepec  Zoo.  A few factoids:  

  • It's the second largest zoo in Mexico
  • Admission is FREE
  • It's the first zoo outside of China to successfully breed giant pandas

We saw one panda but it was way on the other side of the cage.  While the view stunk it was still cool (and the most crowded exhibit).  

While there Tag was insistent that we find his favorite animal...the skunk (don't ask us why).  We finally found it and he was so excited he decided to tell other visitors, who all spoke Spanish, how he knew it was a skunk...we got some strange looks.

For dining options at the zoo we decided to treat the kids to McDonalds.  Yep, the chicken nuggets and the fries were the same but the fruit was not the standard apple slices and the condiment choices were not limited to ketchup.

Mangos at McDonald's in Mexico City Zoo
Mcdonalds Jalapeno Sala

That night Elle lost a tooth.  Sure enough the tooth fairy found her in Mexico.  She even paid her in pesos!

The next day we headed out on the Mexico City Subway to hit some more sites.  Much like New York City's subway it is huge, safe and logical to navigate.  

Mexico City Subway Map
Bike in Mexcio City Subway
Mexico City Subways are clean

We started off in the Zocalo (a big plaza in the center of cities throughout Mexico).  Mexico City's was impressive in it's size and architecture.  They even had free Wi-Fi and a full blown fair in the middle.

Mexico City Zocalo
Center of MExico City Zocalo

Next we hit the oldest Candy Store in the City, Dulceria de Celaya.  Despite the fact that the candy is not the typical chocolate or licorice the kids love to eat in the States they devoured the goods...but why wouldn't they, everything was loaded with azucar (sugar).

Celaya Dulceria
Eating the goods from  CELAYA DULCERIA
Tag like the muffin from  CELAYA DULCERIA

As we walked around the city we found numerous parks, plazas and just really cool local happenings.  Of course we had to hit a local market.

Tag bought a mask...and found a plant reed for a sword.

Tag bought a mask...and found a plant reed for a sword.

And we ended the day with a subway ride back to the hotel.

Notice the 5'10" giant....that's me!

Notice the 5'10" giant....that's me!

Which was capped off by a night of swimming.

Now Freddy has the mask.

Now Freddy has the mask.

We thoroughly enjoyed Mexico City and were exhausted.  I look forward to hitting this city again sometime and exploring more of it.  

Our next city is Puebla, Mexico.