Running Errands in Puebla

We had been on the road for more than a month and in Mexico for over a was time to take care of a few things so we carved out time each day we were in Puebla to run a few errands.

Since we were at (or below) the clean underwear level we needed to do laundry.  Our hotel would do laundry but it was crazy money, something like $3 for a single garment.  No thanks.  I turned to google and found a half dozen laundromats (lavanderias) within a 10 minute drive.  We picked one at random and discovered that these laundromats are not self service. They are full service.  Drop off dirty one day, pickup clean the next.

6 kilos of dirty laundry and it cost us about $6.50 USD

Even better, it was dirt cheap.  You pay by weight.  We had 6 kilos of dirty laundry and it cost us about $6.50 USD.  I could get used to this.You can see our laundry being weighed in the background.

Next up was Walmart to grab a few essentials.  We quickly discovered it was back to school time for the public uniformed schools.

Back to school time in MExico

Check this out - there are still Blockbusters in business (at least in Mexico).

There's still Blockbuster's in MExico

We also saw these cool pedestrian stop lights for walk/run/don't walk.

Finally we hit a big grocery store called MEGA.  It was a nice big grocery store.  They even had a gourmet section. 

Poptarts are Gourmet

By the end of the day I felt like we were really starting to blend in.  I'm sure we did not stick out and likely went unnoticed.

The good news is we picked up our laundry the next day and it clean, folded and even sorted by family member.  We were impressed and happy!

The Laundry is clean, folded and sorted